Host a Stress-Free Student Art Show

6 Things to Consider when trying to Host a Stress-Free Student Art Show

If you have a lot of different things going on in your life right now but still want to put on a student art show, it’s important to consider the following things. By remembering these items you will be able to host the best possible art show while keeping your stress level down to a minimum the entire time.

There can be quite a few things that could potentially stress you out, which is why it’s so important that you are prepared.


You are able to set aside the time

The fact is that you can in fact set aside the time to host a student art show if you really want, so you will need to keep that in mind. It’s always a good idea to devote as much of your attention as possible to the preparation of the show, allowing most other things to fall into the backdrop of your life. Just remember to not send all the artwork home over the summer. By taking your time you will be able to enjoy the entire process while making the art show a complete success.


You can keep it non-competitive

There is absolutely no reason why the art show you are putting on needs to be competitive in any way. The fact is that the whole thing will probably be far less stressful if you don’t add a competitive mentality to it with your students. You are also going to have three months to choose from, so you shouldn’t have to worry about coordinating with a venue being stressful at all. The art show that you are setting up can be flexible precisely because it is in the summer.


The Venue could Benefit from the Art Show

Look for a venue that tends to get a decent number of people coming through the door in the summer time so you can increase the chances of the art show being a success. You might even stumble across a place that could really use the business and foot traffic, so you should keep that in mind. If you are looking for a good reason to put on a student art show in the summer, consider how badly the venue might need it.


It will provide your students with lots of exposure

This summer art show can be an excellent way to promote your entire art program while giving your students’ work the exposure it deserves. If you want to get the word out about the art program you are running, this sort of show could be incredibly beneficial. Your students should get all the confidence they need from one of these shows, as it will provide them with a wide audience of people who will (hopefully) give them lots of praise.


A Reception isn’t Necessary

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to do a reception for your art show. If you want to keep this show as low-stress and uncomplicated as possible, you will definitely want to at least think about nixing the reception. This way you won’t be required to give a big speech or do a lot of additional work like baking cookies and making annoying small talk with parents. The fact is that a reception is a lot of additional work that you may not want to take on.


You are Contributing to the Elevation of the Arts

While it’s true that you are certainly doing your part for the arts as a teacher, putting on an art show will really elevate the collaborative arts, at least in some small way. There aren’t a ton of opportunities when it comes to doing this, so you should really take every one that you can. You must also consider the benefit to the community as a whole as well. If the area you live and teach in is lacking a little bit when it comes to art and culture, you will definitely want to consider how a show like this could benefit the entire area. By putting a summer student art show on you will be doing a good thing for both your students and the community at large.

About The Author

Professor David Percival

Director of AHVC programme, and specialist in art and technology, including presence research, mixed and virtual reality.